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By partnering with Buunni, you will be working with a team of coffee experts who can offer guidance at each step of your coffee journey. Our comprehensive wholesale partnership program includes small-batch roasted beans, staff training, expert advice and coffee education.


We have extraordinary Ethiopian single origin coffee beans along with carefully crafted blends on offer for your cafe, hotel, restaurant, retail store, or office. Looking for a crowd pleasing blend with a distinctive personality to match your brand? We’re happy to create one for you.


On top of exceptional coffee, we also offer a training package and coffee education for your staff so they can prepare and serve our exceptional coffee beans to their full flavor. Training can include:

  • Basics of coffee brewing for a great cup.
  • Understanding the coffee flavor wheel. Tasting and describing the range of coffee flavor notes.
  • Pulling the perfect espresso shot.
  • Cleaning and daily/weekly care of coffee equipment.


We don’t just deliver the coffee and leave. We provide regular equipment maintenance services, a coffee quality control process and any other support you might need in your coffee program.


Serving coffee at your upcoming event? Get in touch for delicious, aromatic brews prepared with care by our trained baristas.


All Buunni pastries and other grab-and-go items are made fresh daily at our Inwood kitchen and bakery using only the highest quality ingredients. If you’re based in New York, we’re happy to set up a tasting and develop a unique menu just for you.

Interested? Please tell us a little bit about your business to get the conversation started.