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Jarabacoa Red Honey

: 12 oz
: Whole Bean

This coffee tells the story of island dreams—dark, soft, and strawberry sweet.

Buunni is proud to offer our first Dominican single origin coffee. Shade grown, this micro-lot coffee has an exquisite natural sweetness and heady strawberry fragrance due to honey-processing. During the process, the skin of the coffee berry is stripped but the pulp remains on the bean during the long fermentation, leading to a deep fruity sweetness. This unique coffee holds up to a dark roast, acquiring a lovely depth that doesn’t turn bitter.





Our Jarabacoa Red Honey coffee has milky notes of vanilla with a nutty aftertaste, and a heavy aroma of strawberry that carries over into a stone fruit flavor. With low-acidity, this coffee is smooth with a balanced sweetness, perfect with cream and sugar or savored black. 





Known as the city of eternal spring for its temperate climate, Jarabacoa is a lush Dominican city located in the fertile valley of La Vega. Our Jarabacoa beans are sourced from the Ramirez Estate that was established in 1943 and has been passed down through three generations. Socially and environmentally conscious, the estate uses the byproduct gas of fermented coffee cherries to partially power their operations. The estate is home to a school and also practices fair labor and wage practices.