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Water Decaf Sidama Coffee

: 12 oz
: Medium
: Whole Bean

All the verve of coffee, without any of the buzz.

Our beans are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Decaf process, which is gentler, natural and free of any chemical solvents. It’s environmentally friendly, while maintaining the distinct flavor profile of the bean. The method relies only on water, time and temperature to remove caffeine, taking the still-delicious coffee from buzzy to zzzzz.

Bunni’s decaf offering is a fruity Sidama varietal. Grown at a high elevation in cooler temperature, Sidama cherries ripen slowly and are harvested late, developing a particularly complex flavor.



Swiss Water Decaf


Enjoy a luscious fruit-forward, floral and earthy profile with low acidity and medium body. This coffee is 99.99% caffeine-free.

Cane Sugar




Grown in the fertile highlands of the Sidama region, these coffee shrubs thrive on the slopes of the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia. Sidama is one of the most well known coffee-producing areas of Ethiopia, located in the south of the country and spreading across the fertile lands of Lake Awasa.