Handpicked and Small-Batch Roasted Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Neighborhood coffee in Washington Heights and Inwood

As an independent neighborhood coffee shop, small-batch roasting allows us to fine-tune and customize roasts to draw out the best flavors of each type of coffee bean. Our Ethiopian coffee is roasted once a week to ensure as-fresh-as-possible pours of taste bud-tingling brew. Small quantity, big quality!  

We believe in simple, delicious, natural coffee, allowing the unique flavors of each type of single origin bean to shine through. This means we believe in coffee-growing and buying practices that are good for people -- growers and consumers -- as well as for the planet.  Many of our Ethiopian coffees are certified fair-trade and organic.  Others are sourced from small farms that are committed to responsible practices but cannot afford the costs of certification.  All of our Ethiopian coffees come from small-holder farms and farmers cooperatives.

Buunni Coffee Co-Founders Elias and Sarina

Elias and Sarina, a husband-and-wife team, started their independent coffee shop Buunni Coffee when they moved from Ethiopia to New York in 2011. 

Sarina grew up in a tea-drinking culture and first discovered her passion for Ethiopian coffee during her first visit to Ethiopia in 1997. Her work in the non-profit sector brought her back frequently, and she eventually moved to Addis Ababa, making Ethiopia her second home. Ever since, she’s been hooked on the Ethiopian Macchiato, similar to a latte, but smaller, stronger, creamier and immensely more flavorful. Sarina's first book, The Coffee House Resistance: Brewing Hope in Desperate Times was published in 2019. Find out more about Sarina's work as an author, the book tour and here

Elias and Sarina met in Addis Ababa, Elias's hometown and Ethiopia's capital city. Elias, a successful entrepreneur who in the past has launched a restaurant, a taxi service and a pharmaceutical distribution service, decided to connect his personal passion and pride in Ethiopian coffee to launch an Ethiopian cafe in New York. Elias likes his coffee black, strong and piping hot!

With a flagship cafe in Washington Heights and locations in the GWB Terminal and Inwood, Buunni Coffee hones in on coffee and community.   As small business owners growing their independent coffee business, Sarina and Elias want to share their love for the Ethiopian Arabica bean with you and yours so you can find your own perfect cup of Buunni Coffee.

Experience the Tastefulness of Conscious Ethiopian Coffee 

A final note on where Buunni Coffee comes from: small localized farms. The vast majority of Ethiopian coffee is cultivated in farmer-owned small-holdings using natural, organic, labor-intensive methods. Small farmers participate in co-ops, and Buunni carefully reviews the coffees and the co-ops before purchasing the highest quality and full-flavored Arabica beans for you to drink in our café in Washington Heights or by ordering our coffee online.