10-Dish Ethiopian Feast
10-Dish Ethiopian Feast 10-Dish Ethiopian Feast

A veritable feast for 6-8 people, as a complete vegan holiday meal, or add these as an unforgettable complement of sides.  Flavorful, festive, colorful! 

A ten-dish feast!  

Sweet Potatoes, Ethiopian style

Fassolia -- String beans with carrots

Key Ser -- Beets with potatoes

Gomen -- Collards and Kale 

*Misr Wat -- Red Lentils

Ater -- Yellow Split Peas

*Shiro - Chickpea sauce

*Fir-Fir - Injera soaked in a spicy sauce

Injera (6) 

Defo Dabo 1/4 of a large round bread (wheat bread contains gluten). Can substitute with extra injera.

* denotes spicy dishes

Pickup or Delivery -  12/21, 12/23, 12/24, 12/25