Spicy Platter (Ethiopian vegan platter) - Pre-Order Only

It's called fasting food, but it may well be called feasting food. The colors and flavors, and deep nourishment that comes from home-style Ethiopian cooking. 

We offer: 

- a generous plate that serves one to two people (1.5 injera)

- a family size meal for four to five people (or if you want some serious leftovers) (3 injera)

The Spicy Platter and Family size meals come with four dishes: 

Fir-fir- Enjera mixed with a spicy sauce

Shiro - flavorful stew of chickpea flour

Sinnig - Chili peppers stuffed with diced onions and tomatoes.

Misr Wat - Ethiopian style spiced red lentils


Pick up from 3 pm to close (5 pm Inwood and Pinehurst; 4pm GWB).

Delivery is currently in the 5:30 to 7:30 pm window.


Email info@buunnicoffee.com to ask about catering or custom orders.