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Savor Ethiopia's Authentic Soul in Every Sip.

Directly sourced from small farms, our beans are roasted weekly for that genuine Ethiopian coffee experience.

These are a few (ten!) of our favorite things...

These are a few (ten!) of our favorite things...

  1. The most cost-effective way to satisfy your Buunni Coffee craving or your best friend’s is to buy an online subscription.  Click to make your order recurring at the end of the checkout process.
  2. We offer free delivery for local ZIP codes 10033 and 10040 or ship nation-wide USPS Priority Mail (free shipping on orders over $35).  And right now we’re offering $5 off new coffee subscriptions through the end of the year. Enter code NEVERRUNOUT17
  3. Buunni Gift Cards are available in various denominations and make a great local gift for coffee, tea and pastry lovers.
  4. You can cater your next party or open house with Buunni Coffee. We offer carafes or cartons of coffee to go and will provide everything you’ll need with it.  Email to arrange.
  5. Our 213 Pinehurst Avenue location is so much more than a place to satisfy your caffeine craving or your sweet tooth. Peruse our drink ware, monthly local art displays, local (and global) gifts. 
  6. If you buy one of our thermal reusable to go cups, your first drink is on us, and you get $0.25 off every drink forever. If you want to bring in your favorite beat-up old travel mug, you still get $0.25 off your drink every time, as a reward for helping to save the planet, one cup at a time.
  7. We support an Ethiopian woman’s co-op by selling their hand-crafted beautifully-colored, soft scarves which can be worn year-round, a great accessory.
  8. We offer our coffee grounds to customers who would like to help us recycle by using them in their garden, as an aromatic air freshener for the fridge or creating play dough for kids, etc. Our baristas would be happy to help.
  9. You can host your own event at Buunni after hours. An open house, a birthday party, a mellow evening with friends. Email if you are interested. 
  10. Sign up for our newsletter on our website or follow us on social media to learn about our special events, including supper clubs, variety shows, topical talks, and more.