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Buunni Turns 5

Elias and I opened the doors at Café Buunni five years ago.  We call Buunni our second child, because we started the business after our first child and before our second.  And yes, because Buunni, too, has been a labor of love.

Our first heart-pounding day so many of you lined up at our freshly painted lime green door. Our first week we ran out of milk and basic supplies. Our first January, the lines were gone, the future felt bleak and we wondered if we’d made a horrible mistake.  As the weather got better that first Spring, so did business, and now, among the many lessons we’ve learned:  we know that January is our slowest month.  And, every January since that first one, has been a little bit better than the one before. 

Today, there are people who will come into Café Buunni, who we served a drink during those first days and weeks.  After our first week, I remember saying, “Elias, we have regulars!!”.  For this we thank you.  We have been humbled by your support, love and goodwill.  We have so many memories of times you have gone above and beyond and when you have floored us with your thoughtfulness and generosity. 

You gave us plants for our little patch of garden under the tree, you brought dinner for us during that first crazy week, you assisted our staff and called the police when we had a rare and scary encounter.  And, you even watched the shop, you “babysat Buunni” so that our full team could have a beach day this summer.

Most of all you showed up. And you continue to show up.  And you talk, and you bring your art, your work, your kids, your politics, the highs and lows of your days, and by doing this, you have given heart and life to our tiny little coffee shop.  You have made it as much yours as it is ours.   We are so grateful.  Thank you. 


In coffee and community,


Sarina and Elias